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HI I have been taking care of my mother for the past 3 years. It is a learning and rewarding experience. I hope to share some of our experiences with you in that it may help you or a loved one through this phase in life.
As ALWAYS Nutrition plays an important part. Not only for the loved on but for the care provider also.
More to come:

Nourish Yourself with Sea Vegetables

Initially popular in some coastal regions, nowadays seafood is widely available on the markets across the whole globe. Thanks to their tasty and intensive flavor as well as an extremely healthy content sea vegetables are more and more snapped up.

Seaweeds are a good choice as an addition to your salads, soups, and many other dishes; and you can hardly find any greater source of minerals. The vegetables boost your health and increase food flavor also as condiments, for instance, as salt and pepper substitutes.

Generally, it is advisable to add them to your daily menu, and the reasons are numerous; but firstly let’s have a look at the short clarification of what seaweeds or, called in other way, sea vegetables are.

In fact, sea vegetables are nothing else but a kind of marine algae. The most common classification of seaweeds says about green, red and brown vegetables. Sea lettuce is an example of the first type is nori and dulse belong to the second, and kombu and wakame to the last one.

Sea vegetables seem to have the flavor quite similar to this of cooked greens, but slightly different because of a salty aftertaste. Dimethyl sulfide, a water-insoluble compound, is what makes all seaweeds include this savory aftertaste and the aroma of a coast.

Even if you don’t like a salty taste too much, it is still recommended for you to add at least some from the vast range of various seaweeds to your daily diet. The main reason why you should reach for these vegetables is that they are like the fountain of minerals.

Iodine, which is richly included in all sea vegetables, is also one of their most important elements. It boosts our health by regulating thyroid functioning and improving metabolism work.

Vitamin K, folate as well as other B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and iron are another healthy components of the seaweeds. There is probably no food that consists more minerals than sea vegetables, which have 10 times the amount of minerals included in greens.

Lastly, lignans and fucans end the list of extremely valuable for us sea vegetables elements. The former proved to curb cancer, when the latter turned out to be effective for the prevention of some tumors spread.

These are the main arguments for seaweeds, and they should be enough for you to be encouraged to reach for the vegetables. For those readers just beginning their sea vegetables diet, but also for those looking for more ideas of the vegetables use, here are a few

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Grandma Babe- Lessons of Life 4

OK this is Grandma Babes last Lessons of Life unless she thinks of more.  We hope you have enjoyed these! They are sent with LOVE to anyone and everyone who watches or listens to her the lessons. You, now make it a great life and STAY HEALTHY!   Love ya, Linda and Grandma Babe

Grandma Babe–Lessons of Life 3

MORE WORDS that may help you through a moment, day or difficult time in life. My Mama believes in miracles as she experienced many in her life.  Be open to miracles, they seem to appear when you least expect them!


Grandma Babe–Lessons of Life 2

Hi, more words of wisdom for my Mama.  Sometimes in life you hear just the right words  at the RIGHT TIME!!  Whether they comfort you, inspire you or just make you think and feel.  I hope her words help you in what ever way they are to you, in your life today.  STAY HEALTHY !!!!! Linda

Lessons to Live By–By Grandma Babe

This is my Mama. She has taught me a lot of things. The most valuable is LOVE!  Here are some things to live by that may make your life a little easier. She is 92 yo old so she might know a little about life and living. This will be a weekly series so more to come. Have a great week! Linda

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Sraps to Soil–A Community Success–Making a Difference!

I believe in taking care of YOURSELF and the EARTH! This is just one way a community is coming together to do both! By doing compost we are reducing waste, recycling nutrients back into the soil which then back into the food we grow and eat! Please check out www.scraps-to-soil.org    STAY HEALTHY!

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Did you know?

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